How to get to Nongriat from Kolkhata in local way


I went Nongriat village of India on October 2016. It’s one of the most beautiful village in India, and it was true. I introduce how to get there.Check the following.

From Kolkhata

1. Go to Guwahati by train. (13hours / 1300Rs )
2.Take a share jeep(its called “Sumo”) to Shiron.( 6hours / 500Rs)
3.Take a Share Jeep to Cherapunge.(6hours / 300Rs)
4.Take a taxi to the entrance of trail to village.(45mins / 300Rs)
5.Walk to Nongriat Village. (2 hours or less)


It’s difficult to find the sumo stand to Cherapunge in Shiron. Check the following map.



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